Jul 28, 2014

Nick and Gretchen's Solana Beach Wedding - California Wedding Photography

We had an absolute blast at Nick and Gretchen's wedding. It was, like the couple, both laid-back and at the same time epic. The view, the sunset, and the joy of all of the guests made this wedding especially memorable. Who could go wrong with Bocce Ball, Corn-hole, and a Gourmet Grilled Cheese truck? Nick and Gretchen made their wedding what they wanted it to be. We always love when couples chose to leave behind some traditions in favor of making it their own. My favorite was that Gretchen allowed herself to greet guests as they arrived rather than hiding away. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress with her natural beauty, contagious smile, and the comfort of her rainbow sandals. What a pair! Enjoy this preview.

Congrats to the newlyweds and cheers to the many adventures ahead! Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your big day. We always know it is going to be a blast when one amazing couple refers us to another. We can't get over how special it is to witness the strength of love at the weddings we get to be a part of.

Jul 25, 2014

Wedding Albums

Today is one of those days that I can't stop smiling. One of our main goals as wedding photographers is to make our clients happy. I've mentioned before that we didn't hire the photographer we wanted for our own wedding. Everything about our wedding day was perfect, we just don't have the photos to tell the story. It's our only regret. At the same time that experience led us to becoming wedding photographers. It also led us to running our business the way we do with a focus on the experience and a wedding album that keeps the story alive long after the day has passed.

We just received both a review and an email from a recent client and we couldn't be more flattered, honored, and pleased. THIS is why we do what we do. THIS is why we encourage people to get the wedding album.

From the e-mail:
"also back to the album....... that picture you two took(don't remember who exactly took it) that is used for the cover makes the cover look incredible. like a real fairy tale. everybody who see's it is completely lost for words. aside from marrying my wife, hiring you two was the best decision i made and you exceeded my expectations by a landslide."

From the review: 
"Aside from marrying each other, hiring these two was the best decision we made. Their professionalism, kindness, and attention to detail was second to none. The album they put together is a piece of art. Every time we look at it, we feel like children in love. Anybody who has seen it, is lost for words. Its the little things in life that slip by without notice they capture very well. Thank you Marc and Brenda."

Today, since it's Friday and wedding albums are on my mind I'm going to share one with you. This isn't the album from the above couple but it's from another wedding we loved with another of our amazing couples. The story is what is important, not the album itself, but the features of a custom designed fine art album allow the story to be told in an impactful way.

 The museum quality paper and archival inks allow for sharp and vivid album spreads.

The albums have thick lay-flat pages with only a fold, not a seam, allowing full bleed images to draw you into the story. 
The photo-wrap cover cover allows the book to be a work of art even before you open it and the whole thing is beautifully and durably crafted by Vision Art.

Each of our albums is custom designed to feature your wedding and the things that were important to you.

Here's a wedding story from one of our albums! Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday!

So excited to head to Solana Beach for a wedding this week. If the wedding is anything like the couple, this is going to be a great one. Fun, laid-back, and full of love! The preview will be up Monday so stay tuned.

Jul 24, 2014

My husband brings me flowers! - Wildflower Photos in Yosemite National Park

We woke up early to photograph these wildflowers in Yosemite National Park. The soft morning light helped to bring out the vibrant colors. It's so easy to drive by beautiful fields of wildflowers without even noticing. Luckily I have Marc who always spots the fields of Lupine for me. These flowers seemed to be thriving in the burn area near Crane Flat campground. Its always impressive to see the new life that comes after the destruction of a wildfire!

Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned for more wedding photography soon! Our busiest season is just about to start!

Jul 22, 2014

Jackass Meadow and Jackass Lake - Adventure Photography

Sometimes it's best to have a friend take you somewhere you've never been. Exploring a new meadow or lake can take your breath away. Especially when you jump into the lake. Of course Jackass Lake wasn't as cold as we expected making swimming in the Sierras possible. There is nothing like quality time with good friends at an alpine lake to recharge and renew. Days like that are cherished in the Bergreen house.

We spent most of our time reading books in hammocks, telling stories around the campfire, and gazing up at the stars. We watched a storm roll in and heard the thunder and lightening crash. We felt raindrops on our heads and rocks beneath our feet. This trip was a reminder that sometimes it's important to slow down and simply sit in nature.

I'll quote John Muir since his words describe the places we love so well:

"We all travel the milky way together, trees and people; but it never occurred to me until this storm-day, while swinging in the wind, that trees are travelers, in the ordinary sense. They make many journeys, not extensive ones, it is true; but our own little journeys, away and back again, are only little more than tree-wavings- many of them not so much."

Thanks for stopping by! We are Marc and Brenda Bergreen, a husband and wife wedding and adventure photography team. The busiest portion of wedding season is ahead. We hope to find time to fit in a few adventures in between celebrating love with the amazing couples we get to photograph. Friends like the ones that shared Jackass Meadow 

Jul 16, 2014

love adventurously: What's on our bookshelf? - Vision and Behind the Scenes

Walking on the beach in Cayucos enjoying the remains of the sunset, Marc and I returned to the topic of work. It's hard not to when you are still on a post photo shoot high. We seem to often find ourselves talking about work. This conversation, however, wasn't about business or money or any particular job. We were talking about purpose and vision. We were talking about how much we have learned and how far we have come. We had just been asked a question that has become standard one and yet remains difficult to answer. "So you decided to pursue photography? Tell me about that!"

Where to start.

I find the answer to a choice that is about more than just our j-o-b difficult to express so I'll quote from Visionmongers.

"By saying this whole journey begins with vision, I don't mean your photographic vision exclusively. It is also the vision for your life, the receptivity to see the future as you'd like it to be, to hear the whispers of a voice that is calling you to something beyond what you are now. Calling you to a life beyond convention and comfort. To sustained creative efforts that feed both your soul and your family."

The decision to become professional photographers was both intentional and involuntary. It was both the cause and the result of our attempt to create our future together. Even though we've answered this question numerous times, it still sparks discussion between us. We discussed some of the typical answers such as a desire to share the way one "sees the world." Marc has always felt that phrase isn't quite right. As we discussed it further we made a distinction between how he sees the world and how he experiences it. And now, how we experience it together. From our love of nature and adventure to our experience of being in love.

Sometimes our vision finds us; sometimes we need to chase it down. -Within the Frame

David duChemin's books sit together on our bookshelf with pages of wisdom and inspiration to offer. There are frequent mentions of the word "vision" and deChemin discusses the benefits, challenges, and expression of that vision.

It was a helpful reminder for me to revisit that the answer behind why we do what we do cannot be answered simply through thought. That the answer equally stems from the heart as many answers to many difficult questions often do.

In an age where high levels of competence at your craft are assumed, the thing that differentiates us is vision: the way in which you wield your craft to tell the stories you see with your eye and your heart. -Visionmongers

Thanks for visiting. We cannot express how grateful we are for the support of friends, family, and our readers. You make our day!