Aug 21, 2014

Tip for your Thursday! - Wedding Photography Advice

I was reading my e-mails today when I was supposed to be posting something on the blog. Sometimes e-mails are a distraction and other times they are an inspiration! One of our brides was talking about sparklers for their exit at the end of the night and it just reminded me of how much I love the wedding night.

The morning is amazing. It's fun to see the nerves, the set-up, and the anticipation. The wedding itself is always amazing ti witness. However, one of my favorite parts of the day is the end. If it wasn't for how bad my feet hurt after a long wedding, I would never want to leave. Everyone relaxes and let's loose. There is nothing left on the schedule, nothing else to do. The only plan is fun. As day turns into night, the sun sets and the stars arrive. The wedding concludes but the marriage has only begun.

We always love taking a few moments for sunset or night photos. Knowing sunset time is a must for us and is our tip for your thursday!

Have a Happy Thursday and a wonderful weekend.
We're traveling a lot over the next few months and you might just find us in your area. Let us know if you want to get together for a PhotoDate!

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Aug 18, 2014

Simpson Maternity Session Preview - Visalia Photographer

A PhotoDate isn't just for engaged couples, sometimes there are other significant moments in life that deserve to be captured. We are honored to have spent time with the Simpson family last week. Crista, Ben, their adorable dogs, and the baby on the way were a blast to be around and a pleasure to photograph. We love when families let us into their lives to capture their love and joy. It inspires us and reminds us why we love our work. We have been experiencing some amazing sunsets in Visalia lately and the evening did not disappoint!

Thanks for stopping by. We are a husband and wife photography team located in the Central Valley. We specialize in weddings and other adventures, which starting a family certainly is! Hope you are having a great week and remembering to:

Aug 15, 2014

Coming soon to Bergreen Photography...

Here at Bergreen Photography, Marc and I have been getting increasingly excited to see some amazing couples get married over the next few months.

Wedding plans are being finalized, travel arrangements outlined, schedules detailed, and the butterflies increasing as these brides and grooms countdown to the big "I Do."

We absolutely love the people we get to meet and the places we get to go. The best part is that we get to do it all together. On this Friday, we would love to send a shout out to the brides and grooms awaiting their wedding day. Enjoy this time because it will surely fly by. We can't wait to see you in your best duds with your biggest smiles!

Without further delay,
weddings coming soon to Bergreen Photography...

Thanks for stopping by. If you have been wanting your own portrait session or PhotoDate and live in or love to visit any of the above locations shoot us an email and we'll compare calendars! Happy weekend!

Aug 12, 2014

First comes love... Visalia Family Photography

Now that we have been in the wedding world for awhile something really exciting is happening. We are getting to see our various past brides and grooms have babies! For our out of town clients it's in pictures on Facebook or through e-mail. Sometimes we're lucky enough to get to meet the little ones in person!

Recently we got to hang out with an amazing Visalia couple and their 1 month old son. This family (a bride an groom you might recognize) is both adorable and hilarious. Here are a few shots of the family doing great, despite a little bit of crying. (Don't worry I included a shot of the tears so as to avoid disillusionment!)

We get very excited to see the couples we celebrated with grow their families. Congrats to all the new additions out there!

Hope you are having a great week. Thanks for stopping by, your support and encouragement are priceless.

Aug 8, 2014

love adventurously - What's on our nightstand? - Setting Goals vs. Reaching Them

Sometimes you set goals. Sometimes you reach them.

Reaching goals is definitely better than setting them... but you have to set them in the first place.

I thought about titling this blog post "Dreams Do Come True!" But I felt that was a little too cheesy for me and therefore it would never pass by Marc and be published. However, some of you have seen the recent issue of Backpacker magazine and you know that we've been celebrating our hard work paying off. It was one thing to get the magazine with our cover photo in the mail. It was quite another to see it in the bookstore. Smiles, tears... you can imagine my excitement. As we head into our busiest part of the year, it's nice to have reached a significant goal.

In addition to getting some photos published in Backpacker and on wedding blogs, Marc climbed El Cap again and we climbed the East Face of Whitney together. Whitney has been on our list a long time! It was nice to check some big goals off our list and make room for new ones!

As entrepreneurs it can be hard to stay motivated. We've taken to a few practices to help keep us going. We've dedicated some time to goal setting for both personal and professional growth. We've been making an effort to take to heart the words of Charlie Jones who said "You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read."

So we've been setting goals, reading books, and spending time with supportive and successful people.

When I was younger I used to spend hours practicing the piano, memorizing the notes and perfecting the tempo. One time I was preparing a duet to perform at the state competition. My partner, the piano teachers daughter, and I were to learn our parts separately and then start practicing together. When the first day to practice together came, I still struggled to read the music and play the notes fast enough to meet the speed the song was supposed to be. The piano teachers daughter didn't even need her book anymore. In fact it was rare that she ever needed to read music. If she heard a song played, she could often sit down and play the song from memory. It was amazing.

I used to envy people that had their thing. People that knew what they were supposed to do. Me, I was both creative and analytical. I liked math and art. I felt lost especially when it came time to decide what I was going to be when I grew up. I felt like I was being told that I had to choose my right brain or my left when I always knew I needed both.

People tell you that you're naive to want to love your job. They tell you to accept things the way they are. You feel like you have to fit into a mold. I'm glad I didn't. A few years back when Marc and I were feeling unfulfilled we decided to quit complaining. We started to focus on the future instead. We started imagining a different lifestyle and we started imagining a successful photography business.

Years later sitting here as a photographer, I love the artistic qualities of tasking pictures, designing albums, and running a business as well as the technical aspects. In the beginning, Marc used to try to teach me technical things about my camera and I would lose patience because art was supposed to be intuitive, I didn't want to have to think. Now I appreciate the balance and variety in my day. I get to do both art and math. I get to design graphics and websites. I get to study and read books to develop both sides of my brain. Everything from photography to philosophy to business and marketing.

The book I'm reading right now is about using stories to try to get your point across. One of the stories in the book reminded me about the importance of mindset, focus, and goal setting.

I'd like to share a story from the book, Tell to Win by Peter Guber.

"To illustrate just how powerful one's state of intention can be, Bennis told me a story at lunch about the great aerialist Karl Wallenda, patriarch of the flying Wallendas, who'd performed death-defying feats on the high wire for more that fifty years before tragically falling to his death at age seventy-one. Wallenda's capacity for concentration on his intention was so legendary that at first, no one could understand how this accident could have happened. However, Wallenda's wife later reflected that he'd been anxious that last day before taking the wire, a tightrope without a safety net in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For the first time in all the years she'd known him, he was concentrating before the show not on succeeding but on the risk of falling. He personally supervised the attachment of the guy wires, which he'd never done before. It was his fear of falling, more than likely, that made his fall come true. And just as likely, Bennis said, his concentration on success had acted as an equally self- fulfilling prophecy all the many times he's triumphed on the high wire. A clear take-away from this story is what you focus on grows."

We set some pretty big goals this year and have already reached a few which makes me realize how important setting them in the first place was.

Hope you enjoy our rants and inspiration from the books on our nightstands and bookshelves. I'm always looking for new stuff to read. I would love to know what gems you have on your bookshelves and nightstands.

Aug 6, 2014

Wednesday - Waiting for the Weekend

Here are some photos from last weekend... 
...maybe they'll help you make it to Friday!

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. - Frank Lloyd Wright

Jul 30, 2014

love adventurously: What's on our bookshelf? - The Battle with Sunrise

When we built our business, Marc and I also set out to create a flexible lifestyle. Knowing that we wouldn't be living the typical 40 hour work week from 8-5  on Monday-Friday, we wanted to break some rules and write our own. Discipline, however, is tricky. Rules can be stifling but sometimes they help you get where you need to go.

Like out of bed!

I have been teaching a lot more yoga lately. It's been great in part because my classes cause me to wake up before 6am. As I drive to either studio I get to watch the sunrise over the Sierras. Ever since I became self-employed I have battled with the sunrise. I am always telling Marc that I used to be a morning person and I would like to again. I don't think he believed me. Until now. It's much harder to remain disciplined when the only person expecting you at the office is you. It's amazing and it's something that I tried to describe to him. At first, getting out of bed seems impossible. However, life is awesome when it's 8am and I am already awake and energized.  It is a good feeling with the whole day ahead of me.

Our work week isn't very consistent since our weekend is always changing. If we have a wedding on Saturday, we often take off Monday or Wednesday or have a double weekend the following week instead. It's fun to travel and have a new adventure everyday but I've learned that I actually do better with a little consistency.

I am reminded of one of my favorite books, The Rock Warriors Ways - Mental Training for Climbers. Often I have found that the lessons from one area of our life spread to another.  In this case, the author talks about observing yourself. Observing self-talk, inner dialogue, and reactions. "And then proceed with patience, intelligence, and stealth."

This happens to also be a very yogic thing to do. To learn about ourselves through observation. One thing that I've learned in climbing is that I have the strength and I simply have to figure out how to find it. I am finding that it's the same with motivation and inspiration toward work.

When a climber runs out of strength, it's usually because of the strength he's wasted, not from essential lack.

We have often heard quotes about failure being a positive thing because of what we have the opportunity to learn. The author discusses a similar idea relating to rock climbing in which we push ourselves in ways we didn't know possible. Regardless of the outcome of the climb, we gain knowledge and that knowledge cannot be taken away.

I offer you one final quote from the book to show some of the gems it has to offer.

It's our responsibility to create our life's work in something we are passionate about because that is the most effective way we can create happiness in our life. A life's work in "that something" is the best path to challenge us and it's the most effective way to serve others.

We often joke with our friends about enjoying the suffering that comes with climbing and other adventures. I'm not sure it is the suffering we love as much as it is what we learn. About the mountains, about ourselves, and about life.
Cheers to a good morning!